Mission & Service Fund

The United Church’s Mission & Service Fund is a United Fund for a United Vision. A United Vision is… serving, friendly, flexible, inclusive, welcoming, faithful, compassionate, justice-seeking, caring, peace-seeking, tolerant & innovative.

In the United Church, we have a vision of how we participate in God’s mission in the world. This United Vision is articulated in our Creed and in the words above from our members. Our vision involves ministry in our own United Churches and in work with partners across the country and around the globe. Our United Vision and our United work is funded by the Mission and Service Fund. Many of our Members and Adherents volunteer and give financially to serve the many missions of this important outreach fund. Click Here to learn more and visit the United Church of Canada’s Web Page.

Minden Food Bank

The Minden Food Bank serves the residents of Minden and Area to help secure food for their families in times of need. It also helps point people to other services that may be available to them. The Minden Food Bank is also the foundation for the annual Christmas Baskets campaign which offers a substantial food basket for families. Also, those families with children receive toys too. Many of our Members and Adherents volunteer and give financially to this important community organization. Minden Food Bank web page

H.A.V.E. – Help A Village Effort

H.A.V.E. or Help A Village Effort is a volunteer organization that began in 1982 to assist people who do not have fresh, safe drinking water. H.A.V.E. is dedicated to help as many needy people as possible; to obtain clean, safe drinking water in their villages. Many of our Members and Adherents volunteer and give financially to this important world outreach organization. To go to H.A.V.E.’s web page, Click Here

Knitting For Warmth

Knitting For Warmth is a network of caring people who donate yarn, knit or crochet squares, assemble & sew blankets and distribute the completed blankets to those in need. The grateful recipients of the blankets are: Minden Food Bank, 4 c’s in Haliburton, Children’s Aid, Point in Time, Area Fire Departments, Home Care, Hyland Crest, KHVC, Mcdonald House, SIRCH Special Delivery, Woodlawn Care, YWCA, and Lindsay’s A Place Called Home.
It is amazing the number of people that are involved in making this outreach ministry happen. People from all denominations and creeds contribute to this community ministry. It has been wonderful to learn that the actual knitting has been an important pastime for senior citizens wishing to feel helpful, patients in hospital, children learning to knit, summer cottagers, Community Living Residents and people with a lifetime supply of wool ends (striped squares can be great looking too). Perfect knitting is not necessary (which is why we call it Knitting for Warmth, not beauty).
In November 2008, we celebrated making our 1,000th blanket since the group’s inception in early 2003!!! The first 1,000 blankets were made with over 30,000 squares donated by the community. The squares are portable being 8″ x 8″ (We suggest size 4.5 mm, 32 stitches for worsted weight). This is a worthwhile project for any church and note that it does not require money to run. Many of our Members and Adherents volunteer with this important community outreach program. All are Welcome! See the Announcement Page to contact the Project Manager.

Children of the Congo

In response to an Extra Measures Project in 2006 to raise funds to help the Bethsaida Centre in the Congo help children and families, we helped our Lindsay Presbytery not only raise the $30,000 requested but an additional $15,000! Several members of our congregations traveled to the Congo to learn more and support the people there in March of 2008. Since then, we all have been learning and supporting each other. Many of our Members and Adherents volunteer and give financially to this important world outreach ministry.