Highland Hills Pastoral Charge & Highland Hills United Church Unified Board


Minister: Rev. Max Ward

Chair: Lois Deacon

Chair-Elect: Jan Heffer

Secretary: Rebekah Chevalier

Treasurer: Vacant

Chair – Maple Lake U.C.: Larry Giles

Finance: Erskine Flook

Manse: Brian Austen

Ministry & Personnel: Shawn Chevalier

Outreach: Barb Walford-Davis

Nominating / Past Chair: Erskine Flook

Pastoral Care: Barb Parish & Marybeth Wilson

Region Representative: Debbie Sherwin

Property: Neil Darby

Stewardship: Tom Parish

Trustees: Bruce McClennan

U.C.W.: Pat Thornett & Barbara Braker

Worship & Christian Education: Jan Heffer

Member At Large: Joan Chapple

Each position commences on the 1st day after the Charge Annual General Meeting.